Glow In The Dark Beer Pong Cups

We’ve all been there. This party was eagerly anticipated, but it’s not really living up to expectations. Guests are milling around, sticking to their own small groups and no one is having as much fun as they should be. Then someone has a great idea – why not get a game of beer pong going? Beer pong has the ability to bring people together – maybe it’s the shared camaraderie and sense of competition.

Here’s the problem- when the lights are on the glow party isn’t as fun.
Luckily, Glo Pro is here to solve all your problems. Our innovative products can be used as glow in the dark beer pong cups. The glow cups now make beer pong visible in the dark. With a range of colors in every pack, your game of glow pong is sure to be a success every time.

With 20 glow in the dark cups in every pack, we provide you with the perfect amount of equipment to start a game of glow beer pong (10 cups-a-side). Our glow in the dark cups ensure that your game can go ahead without disrupting your neon glow party aesthetics, and with a lifetime of 8 – 12 hours our glow sticks will certainly last until a winner has been decided.
Glow beer pong is the perfect way to liven up your party and bring everyone together. Our affordable cups make it easier than ever to host an event that people will be talking about for weeks to come. Have a look around the website now, and order your very own Glo Pro Cups!