Glow In The Dark Party Supplies

What is It


Is there any better kind of party than a glow in the dark party? No, we thought not. If you’re not much of a raver but love things that glow, then worry not. You don’t even have to go to a dodgy underground event to get your fix any more. Glow products have never been so popular.

Two essential elements to any glow party are surely party cups and glow sticks, and in a stroke of inspiration we’ve combined the two to put the ‘fun’ in any function. Grabbing some glow in the dark party supplies will ensure that your event will be a success every time. We can’t believe nobody has ever thought of this before!

Here at Glo Pro, we wanted an easy way to instantly make any party so much cooler. The solution was staring us in the face all this time - why not stick a glow stick into the rim of your cup? Our cups come in 7 different colors, and you get 20 in a pack. They’ll last for 8 - 12 hours too, so long after the party our cups will still be glowing and looking great.

Glo Pro Cups are also extremely versatile. Beer, liquor, even wine; our cups don’t judge you on your choice of beverage. Sip quietly in the corner or use them for an exciting game of beer pong. One thing’s for sure - these cups help bring people together. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our website, and once you’re ready to stock up on your glow party supplies just order our Glo Pro Cups quickly and easily. Your party guests will thank you!

7 colors
Assembled in U.S.A
20 cups
8-12 HOURS